May 24th, 2019
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Not Just a Few People Contributed to this Project, Known as "Preserving the Past for the Future"

Leading the effort were Dr. Jim Wigton '66, Barry Combs '50 and the CHS Alumni Association's Historical Committee. Scanning was under the direction of Curt Reiter and his Omaha company, Microfilm Imaging Systems. Curt and his staff were invaluable; they displayed amazing patience and tenacity.

This project would never have begun without the many people who preserved the copies with which we worked. We can't know all their names but any list would begin with Dr. H. A. Senter, pioneer science professor, who started the program of collecting, binding and saving early copies. He was followed by school librarians, principals, journalism instructors and, most notably, school treasurer Ginny Bauer who has diligently guarded the collection for many years.

Dr. Robert Wigton '60 provided valuable technical advice throughout the project. Recent principal Greg Emmel arranged for OPS grant money to fund the storage boxes and cabinets. Chris Horn, internet consultant, did yeoman work in putting the project online. He continues the effort.

Making the undertaking possible at all was the support of the Central High School Foundation. Foundation president Dr. Rusty Crossman '66 and Foundation executive director Terry Price and her staff were relentless in their encouragement and support.

Funding for the entire project was made possible thanks to the CHS Foundation and their three-year (2008 - 2010) fundraising efforts in celebration of Central's 150th anniversary. Therefore, we sincerely thank the Foundation and the hundreds of generous supporters who contributed not only to the overall campaign, but to this scanning project, known as "Preserving the Past for the Future". We feel pride that we have, indeed, preserved the past for the future! Enjoy.

Purpose of the Project

The prime reason for digitizing The Register collection was preservation. They are an irreplaceable record of a remarkable institution and the effect it worked on generations of students. Many of the issues are one of a kind...

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The Register Collection

The school to become Central welcomed its first students in November, 1859 and issued its first newspaper the following spring. Omaha was five years old. The handwritten paper took the name, The Free School Advocate...

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Historic Library Building
1823 Harney Street, Suite 203
Omaha, NE 68102-1913
Ph: 402-556-1996 | Fax: 402-556-9557 | Facebook