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The Register Collection

The school to become Central welcomed its first students in November, 1859 and issued its first newspaper the following spring. Omaha was five years old. The paper took the name, The Free School Advocate, was handwritten and read to the students at 3 p.m. each Wednesday afternoon.

In December, 1872 the school's first printed journal appeared under the banner The High School Journal, later The High School. The paper was independent, owned by a group of students and continued publication until 1881. The present collection contains issues of The High School from 1874 to 1878.

The first issue of a new publication, The High School Register came off the press in late 1886. Again it was owned by students and operated as a profit-making venture but it had taken on a new format with smaller three column pages. It was a bimonthly.

There followed a Register published in some form ever since. It is the oldest continuously published high school newspaper west of the Mississippi. In September, 1887 The High School Register modified its format and publication schedule. It became a monthly magazine with most issues sized about six by nine inches and bound with magazine-style covers.

Starting in 1897 the final issue of the school year, usually in June, was called the "commencement number." At first commencement issues contained just a copy of the four-page graduation program in the midst of the magazine's regular text. Later years added class rosters, speeches, even an eight page class poem (1902).

The name High School Register gradually became simply The Register in the mid-teens. In 1914 the staff tried a weekly schedule but found it too expensive and returned to monthly issues in 1915.

In September, 1921 The Register again returned to newspaper format and size. The number of issues per school year varied widely -- from as few as six to as many as thirty-two.

Over the next eighty years the name changed to Weekly Register and back again, to the Central High Register, (1931) a name that continues to today.

The Register has won regional and national awards. In 1989 it received a National Newspaper Pacemaker Award and has repeated that achievement several times since. It won a National Scholastic Press Association award eleven times.

The collection spans roughly 15,000 pages published over a period of 134 years. While every effort has been made to make this archive as accurate and complete as possible we would welcome any and all suggestions, corrections or additions. This is definitely a work in progress.

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Purpose of the Project

The prime reason for digitizing The Register collection was preservation. They are an irreplaceable record of a remarkable institution and the effect it worked on generations of students. Many of the issues are one of a kind...

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"Preserving the Past for the Future"

Leading the effort were Dr. Jim Wigton '66, Barry Combs '50 and the CHS Alumni Association's Historical Committee. Scanning was under the direction of Curt Reiter and his Omaha company, Microfilm Imaging Systems...

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